Brow Lift

Brow Lift

The descent of the forehead and brow can create a tired or heavy appearance to the eyes and can contribute to an excess of tissue in the upper lids. A forehead (or brow) lift is designed to alleviate this appearance. Some will describe this also as an upper facelift as it affects the most superior aspects of the face. Dr. Davis is skilled in several techniques which he will go over with you during your consultation. Most commonly, he employs an endoscopic technique which lifts the brow and redundant forehead skin through small incisions in the scalp. As the incisions are entirely hidden within the hairline, many patients can return to work in just a few days. Other variations of the procedure, allow Dr. Davis to advance a receding hairline forward and/or to contour the bony surfaces of the orbit to create softer or more feminine features. As each of our faces is unique, Dr. Davis will tailor your procedure to give you the most individualized and natural result.


The greatest benefit from a brow lift is the restoration of a more youthful appearance to the forehead by raising the eyebrows and opening the eyes. Dr. Davis often weakens the muscles that contribute to frowning at the same time. In select patients, an upper eyelid lift may be avoided for someone who was considering their eyes looked heavy, while in fact, the descent of the forehead was the culprit. In other patients, a heavy forehead with a horizontal wrinkle at the root of the top end of the nose can be lifted away.

Combined Procedures

A browlift addresses the upper third of the face, and while it is performed as an isolated procedure, often, the best results are achieved when it is combined with procedures that address the eyes and lower face as well. Complete facial rejuvenation will often require treating multiple areas. A facelift, as well as treating the eyelids and even the lips are most commonly addressed at the same time with a browlift.


Recovery times vary from person to person, but most patients can expect to spend the first week resting at home. While the area is still swollen, we are used to seeing the forehead as a flat area of the face, and patients can look surprisingly normal after only a few days. Most are ready to return to work by the second week depending on the occupation. Patients are mobile and out of bed by the first postoperative day, however, it is important to avoid activities which may raise your blood pressure during the first two weeks. If you are taking pain medications, driving should be avoided, and this usually commences around the start of the second week also. Most patients return to social activities around the second or third week after their procedure. Vigorous physical activity or exercise can be resumed in 4 to 6 weeks.

Follow Up

Dr. Davis and his staff see his patients frequently and regularly after all their procedures. Healing properly and well is as important as the operative procedure toward achieving a superlative result. Dr. Davis is committed to excellent patient care and is always available for any future needs or questions that may arise.

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