Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization surgery comprises a number of different procedures to feminize the features of a patients’ face. There is no single procedure or even combination of procedures that is correct for everyone. Therefore, its necessary for Dr. Davis to plan with you the proper steps to take to both address your desires and give you the most flattering appearance. Some common areas addressed are:

  • Hairline advancement and brow contouring
  • Nasal contouring to create a more delicate nose
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Lip augmentation and lifting
  • Chin contouring
  • Thyroid Cartilage Reduction or 'Tracheal shave' / Adam's apple reduction

In addressing the hairline and brow contouring, an incision is made in the scalp. The bony contours deep to the eyebrows and forehead are softened to accent the upper third of the face in a more feminine fashion. In addition, the hairline can be advanced depending on the degree of hairline recession a patient might be experiencing. During the same procedure, the cheeks may be augmented in a natural fashion, to create a more heart-shaped face and to bring out the appearance of the eyes. In a similar fashion, the nose is reshaped to give it a more aquiline dorsum and tip, while the lips are made fuller with a pleasing pout and lift if the upper lip is long.

When comparing male and female jawlines, a woman’s contours typically encompass a narrower pointed chin and less prominent jawline. Depending on a patient’s age, a facelift can both enhance and feminize their appearance, and here as well, bony contouring is undertaken to reshape the underlying tissue.

The Adam’s Apple is also reduced via a small inconspicuous incision below the chin to give a smoother feminine neckline in both profile and frontal views. Often performed as a separate or initial procedure, it can be combined with overall facial feminization in a single procedure. As may be apparent from the range of possibilities, each patient’s particular needs are addressed in separate and there is no single cookie-cutter approach to feminization surgery.

Ultimately, the choice of procedure or procedures that are right for you, will depend on your own personal anatomy, facial features, and desires. Dr. Davis will discuss this with you in detail at your consultation.


Patients often hail their results as giving them more confidence appearing in public, and as appearing as they have always pictured themselves. Final results, naturally, take several weeks to allow the swelling to subside, and noses can take several months for the tip to contract to its ultimate refined shape. As with all facial procedures, the bottom third of the face stays swollen longer than the upper third (thanks to gravity at work.) But, many patients are ready for major social events in three to four weeks.


Most patients can expect to take a week off of work recuperating with light activity at home. The head is often wrapped for a few days to reduce early swelling. Dr. Davis will prescribe appropriate pain relievers and as much as is done, it is not overly uncomfortable for most patients. Full activity and exercise can resume in four to six weeks.

Dr. Davis and his staff see his patients frequently and regularly after all procedures. Healing properly and well is as important as the operative procedure toward achieving an excellent result. Dr. Davis is committed to excellent patient care and is always available for any future needs or questions that may arise. For those coming from out of town, Dr. Davis requests that you remain in the area for the week following your procedure if at all possible.

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